Another Muslim doctor arrested for Female Genital Mutilation while the NYT pretends it doesn’t exist

(Natural News) A little-noticed book by conservative author Brad O’Leary, published in August, called, “The Poisoned Veil,” presented a well-documented case that Islam and Sharia law and customs are slowly but surely taking root in the West, and that includes the United States. According to a book description posted at Amazon, among a number of […]

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After pushing vaccines for depopulation, Bill Gates now warns that bioterrorism might kill 30 million more

(Natural News) When most people hear the name “Bill Gates,” they think of Microsoft and the Gates Foundation. However, the not-so-hidden agenda that lies behind the Gates Foundation is often glossed over, especially by the mainstream media. Gates and his foundation have consistently come under fire for their aspirations of depopulation, and now the same […]

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